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  • Name: SUMMIT HM 20-320kVA(3in/3 out)...
  • Number: 10001
  • Time: 2013-01-18
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DSP controlled technology

Soft switching technology is built in PFC circuit to decrease switching loss, improve transfer efficiency, reduce voltage and current stress in switching device, decrease reverse recovery loss of power devices and lower down the EMI generated by switching, So to make product more reliable.

3-level inverter has perfect output wave form quality, more closer to sine wave, and much lower harmonic, and higher efficiency.

Integrated IGBT module(Brand: Infineon) other than discrete IGBT device is adopted to improve reliability remarkably.

N+X modular design, 4 cabinets parallel directly, hot swappable and expandable

Energy saving green power featured with system efficiency more than 95%, input power factor bigger than 0.99 and input THDi less than 3%.

Super load adaptability and overload capability, and super grid adaptability

Rectifying, inverting, charging and discharging are all digitally controlled by built-in DSP in Power module. Power modules are independently controlled, no risk for single point of fault.

Front access, top and bottom cable entry

Powerful charging capability, integrated battery management

Digital current sharing technology for extremely small circulating current and high parallel reliability

PWM controlled fan speed regulation featured with lower noise and energy saving

Highly adapt to generator

DC cold start, and auto restart

EPO function

Full software and hardware protection(breaker,fuse,hardware protection, software protection), super self-diagnose function

7-inch LCD display touch screen available in English/Chinese languages, offering easy user operation

Circuit board painting protection, offering outstanding protection from harsh environment

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