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  • Name: SCM Series Solar Controller
  • Number: 038
  • Time: 2014-11-26
  • Views : 1246


l   Standard 19 inch frame design

l   Built-in MPPT solar controller, maximize the utilization of solar panels

l   Advanced circuit topology design, efficiency up to 95%

l   Intelligent battery management, oil machine management and power supply system monitoring functions

l   Monitoring unit configuration, realize the analog detection, status report and control of the system, RS485/RS232 communication

l   All the external interfaces and connection cables support pre-wiring


?SCM series solar controller covers SCM48100 and SCM48200standard 19 inch frame design and can embed in 19 inchcabinet. The controller adopts MPPT technology and maximizes the utilization of solar panels; System sampling advanced circuit topology design brings ultra-high power conversion efficiency of equipment, system efficiency up to 95%, reducing energy loss process. Meanwhile it has intelligent battery management, monitoring alarm and DC distribution functions. The device meets the maintenance requirement, the control module and monitoring module are all modular design.

?The device is applied in BTS solar system and common off-grid solar system.

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