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  • Name: SunMAX Series Solar Controller
  • Number: 029
  • Time: 2014-11-26
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  • MPPT efficiency up to 99%, improving the efficiency of PV modules generate electricity significantly;
  • Smart battery management, the discharge segmented control, with temperature compensation function, improving battery use life;
  • Wall-mounted, light weight, easy install and operate;
  • Intelligent MCU control core technology, with professional control algorithms,reacting intelligent control;
  • RS485 telecommunications and data transmission, could be remote control;
  • Accurate monitor function, the total generating capacity of PV can be read real time;
  • Historical record and inquiry function, The history data could be read at anytime;
  • User could set parameters of the output. matched all kinds of common used batteries;
  • Comprehensive protection, Including input anti-irrigation protection, under voltage protection, overvoltage protection, over temperature protection, output overvoltage protection, output over current protection, output short circuit protection, input, output, anti-reverse protection, low battery voltage protection etc;
  • LCD display all the functional parameters in English, LED indicate the running state, the controller could be real time managed by user;




     JFY second generation SunMAX series controller adopt MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) control technology, conversion efficiency up to 99%, compared traditional solar PWM controller saving more than 30%~66% solar photovoltaic modules, this type controller uses intelligent battery charge and discharge management, with temperature compensation attached, better manage the battery and extend battery use life, Also it integrates RS485 communication interface, providing communication protocols, enabling customers to remote manage a unified and integrated, with comprehensive protection and brand material to make sure it a long time use.



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