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  • Name: SUNTREE**TL+
  • Number: 000024
  • Time: 2016-06-16
  • Views : 926

Easy and affordable to install
  ◆Lightweight and compact size
  ◆Wide MPPT voltage range allows more flexible module selections
  ◆Includes a lightweight portable bracket simplifying installation
  ◆Fan free design  Firm IP65 inverter enclosure allows outdoor application
Cost advantages
◆Transformerless design cutting down the cost
◆Light weight and small dimension, reducing shipping cost
◆Low maintenance expense and low power loss when breakdown
◆DC switch optional
High performance string inverters
◆From 10.0KW to 40.0KW
◆Famous power components
◆Superior PV energy harvest
◆Excellent thermal performance
◆Transformerless design with higher operation efficiency
◆High overload capability under most ambient conditions
  ◆Support to inhibit the PID  module
  ◆Intelligent detection of pv string,rapid postitioning the point of failure
Full data display and communications
◆LCD display energy data
◆Bright LED indicators imply system status at a glance
◆PC software for remote monitoring and system troubleshooting
◆Integrated RS232 serial communications. RS485, WiFi,GPRS optional


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