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  • Name: Sunforest series (150~250KW) central inverter with transformerless
  • Number: 012
  • Time: 2013-01-18
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Sunforest series offers central PV grid-on inverter with power range from 50KW to 630KW, and offers more flexible choices for PV power plants. Sunforest series central inverter have the “state-of-the-art”, efficiency up to 98.6%, even working under non-full load conditions, and offer a cost-effective guarantee for the PV power plants. It has friendly interface, easy to use, modern appearance, and wide DC voltage features.


Advanced performance
With their advanced system intelligence, highly speed MPPT technology, industrial-grade engineering and compete fault protections, Sunforest series inverters maximize system uptime and power production, even in harshest environments
DSP-controlled IGBT circuitry to achieve high efficiency, reliability and low installed cost
Sunforest series grid-tie inverters are integrated with an isolation transformer and have a max efficiency of 98.6%


Utility-Ready Features
Open communication protocol, compatible with virtually any third-party monitoring system and easily integrated into SCADA systems allowing fast communications
Remote control of real and reactive power
Low-voltage ride through
Power factor control
Simplified grid interconnection


Optimal Efficient MPPT Technology
Provides rapid and accurate control that boosts PV plant kilowatt yield
Provides a wide range of operation across all photovoltaic cell technologies


Proven Performance
The proven leader in solar PV inverter solutions for commercial installations, Sunforest sets the standards for efficient large-scale power conversion.


Increased PV Plant Yield
With rapid and accurate MPPT control increases PV plant kWh yield by extending the production window of arrays, enabling them to operate at optimal voltage and current levels for longer periods of time—even in varied sun conditions to maximize efficiency and enable you to get the most from your investment.


Compact Design
With all components encased in a single, space-saving enclosure, Sunforest PV inverters are easy to install, operate and maintain.


Easy Use and Maintenance
An integrated LCD graphically displays real-time operating parameters, and RS-485 interfaces can connect remote monitoring systems.
Ergonomic structure design makes service efficient and convenient access to all components
Customizable large in-floor cable gland plates make installation of DC and AC cables easy
Integrated DC disconnect switch isolates the inverter, with the exception of the GFCI (Ground Fault Inspection and Interruption circuit, from the photovoltaic power system to allow inspection and maintenance


Proven Reliability
Rugged and reliable, Sunforest PV inverters are engineered from the ground up to meet the demands of large-scale installations.


More than twenty protections and alarms
Built-in DC and AC disconnect switches
Multiple work mode, SVG (Static Var Generator) mode, Anti-Reverse Power control mode


Output Transformer
Provides galvanic isolation
Matches the output voltage of the PV inverter to the grid


Value-added Services
We provide a wide range of optional value-added services to protect your investment across the entire lifecycle of your project.


Design Services
We Design Services organization can guide you through all phases of project development using our broad experience and engineering skills.


Sunforest Options
AC distribution unit
DC input combiners
DC distribution unit


Warranty and Services
Support services
Extended warranty - Sunforest Series Inverters are backed by a standard 2-year warranty with 10- or 15-year optional extended warranties available

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