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  • Name: One-Stop PV Power Plant
  • Number: 015
  • Time: 2013-04-07
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Advanced performance

ØWith the advanced system intelligence, highly speed MPPT

technology, industrial-grade engineering and compete fault

protections, Sunforest series inverters maximize system uptime

and power production, even in harshest environments

Ø DSP-controlled IGBT circuitry to achieve high efficiency, reliability

and low installing cost

ØSunforest KT series grid-tied inverters are integrated with an

isolation transformer

ØSunforest KTL series grid-tied inverters have a max efficiency of

98.6% without a transformer

Ø Multiple work mode, SVG (Static Var Generator) mode, Anti-

Reverse Power control mode


Utility-ready features

ØOpen communication protocol, compatible with any third-part monitoring
system and easily integrated into SCADA systems

Ø Remote control of real and reactive power

ØLVRT(Low voltage ride through)

ØPower factor control

ØSimplified grid interconnection


Optimal MPPT technology

Ø Provides a rapid and accurate control boost PV plant KWH yield

Ø Provides a wide range of operation voltage



Ø Built-in DC and AC disconnected switches


Increased PV plant yield

ØRapid and accurate MPPT control increases PV plant KWH yieldby
extending the production window of arrays, enabling them tooperate
at optimal voltage and current levels for longer periods of time—even
in varied sunlight conditions to maximize efficiency and enable you
to get the most from your investment

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