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  • Name: CSI Series Integrated Smart DC Charging Pile(45KW~180KW)
  • Number: Z0221
  • Time: 2016-04-20
  • Views : 695

With industry leading “1 Pile 2 outlets” technology, CSI series Integrated Smart DC Charging Pile can charge two EV  at the same time. With good Human Machine Interface,it can charge by time, by  electricity, by amount, by power and  automatic full. Advertisement can be displayed.It also has high IP level and complete protection functions.CSI series are suitable for areas which need quick power supplement,such as bus stations,high ways,main roads,large parking lot,etc.

Product naming rules:
CSI 60K750-2
①  ② ③ ④

① Product family name;
② Output power;
③ Output maximum voltage;
④ Number of charging gun;

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