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JFY power frequency UPS in Yantai radio and television Longkou City

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Longkou City, Yantai City, Shandong Province under the jurisdiction of a county-level city, adjacent to the east of Penglai City, bordering the South and Qixia City, Zhaoyuan City, the west, bordering the North Sea, the sea across the sea and Tianjin, Dalian, the total population is 688255. In December 2015, crystal Fuyuan in CONVOY MF33 series 300kVA large power industrial frequency double conversion On-line UPS, successfully entered the Longkou City radio and television network center room, to provide a stable, reliable and efficient power protection for the core equipment in computer room, can maximum satisfy existing data center room key load device 7 * 24 hours all-weather uninterrupted operation.

JFY Industrial type three phase input and output frequency online series UPS, capacity from 10kVA to 500kVA. Launched in 2013 CONVOY MF33 large power industrial frequency double conversion On-line UPS power supply, industry-leading for China power grid environment and high-end electric requires the development of a new generation of Sanjin three out of new products. Performance is stable, with perfect detection and protection function, the parameters of the index and reliability are in the first-class level. Online double conversion topology architecture design is used in the system, advanced DSP control technology, with the maximum power IGBT and SCR design a set of digital, information and network of one of the large capacity high power pure sine wave intelligent UPS. Its main features are as follows:

1, double DSP full digital control system, the performance index is excellent, the system stability is high, has the independent self protection and the diagnosis ability.
2, zero phase shift output isolation transformer design, with a strong anti shock load capacity, a very small zero voltage and harmonic currents, and unbalanced load capacity;
3, extremely strong carrying capacity, to ensure the reliability of power supply.
4, the industry's leading and machine technology, up to 6 units directly and the number of machines
5, the use of dual redundant power supply, to ensure the reliability of the system
With industry leading technology, high quality service system and active service attitude, won the praise of customers, JFY UPS products in a successful case of broadcast and television system core network data center.

JFY introduction

JFY was founded in 2003, the national high-tech enterprises, has hundreds of patents and core technology. The company has more than ten years of experience in the design and production of green power products. Products include DC charging pile and charging module, car charger, DC / DC converter, lithium battery management system (BMS), solar inverter, UPS uninterrupted power supply, communication power supply and so on. Widely used in the Chinese market, exported to more than 50 countries and regions, such as North America and the European Union.

JFY always adhere to the "Tiandaochouqin, excellence" concept, meticulously prepared every piece of products, to create greater value for customers.

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