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Re transmission of news! Crystal Fuyuan charging pile through a one-time certification of new GB

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Shenzhen crystal Fuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. awarded the seventh green car Summit (GVC 2016) "outstanding charging pile excellence in technology award" and "the battery management System BMS Excellence Awards", a heavy news again from the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute returned. 60KW and 120KW crystal Fuyuan charging pile one by the electric car industry to the latest national standard certification.

On 28 December 2015, AQSIQ, National Standards Commission Joint National Bureau of energy, Ministry and the Ministry of science and Technology Department, in Beijing issued the newly revised electric vehicle charging interface and communication protocol GBT18487-2015, GBT20234.1.2.3-2015 and GBT27930-2015 of the five national standards, standards to enhance the charging safety and compatibility, for the safety of electric vehicles use escort.

The new standard in terms of safety requirements increase the charging interface locking device, temperature monitoring, insulation detection, electrical discharge etc. to a number of security measures, to ensure the safety of electric vehicles and users; in terms of compatibility on charging structure and size of the interface do corresponding adjustment, and strong security guarantee is also compatible with the electrical connection of old products, avoid "one size fits all", guide industry health to develop.

Crystal Fuyuan with many years of R & D accumulation, strong technical strength, has launched a new generation of DC charging pile, from structure design to software development. The whole production process, fully in accordance with the new national standard implementation, product one-time through the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute is a new national standard testing and certification, fully meet the new national standard on all requirements of the charging pile can be used widely.


JFY introduction

JFY was founded in 2003, the national high-tech enterprises, has hundreds of patents and core technology. The company has more than ten years of experience in the design and production of green power products. Products include DC charging pile and charging module, car charger, DC / DC converter, lithium battery management system (BMS), solar inverter, UPS uninterrupted power supply, communication power supply and so on. Widely used in the Chinese market, exported to more than 50 countries and regions, such as North America and the European Union.

JFY always adhere to the "Tiandaochouqin, excellence" concept, meticulously prepared every piece of products, to create greater value for customers.

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