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Shenzhen North Station photovoltaic power generation project crystal Fuyuan inverter running for 900 days

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Shenzhen north station is one of the important station of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong passenger dedicated line, Shenzhen is currently the only principal station. As a modern station, Shenzhen North Station in the construction of photovoltaic power plants can not only part of the solution to its demand for electricity, reduce carbon emissions by operation of the station, but also can establish the solar photovoltaic power generation system and construction combined with the demonstration project, to the people show solar photovoltaic power generation in the city to promote the use of best form, photovoltaic and building integration, with great social value and significance of the model.

On the roof of Shenzhen north station building, the installation of 500KW photovoltaic power station, grid operation began in December 2013. The crystal Fuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen 25 sets on type three-phase photovoltaic grid connected inverter, this is since the national publication distributed subsidy policy, Shenzhen city first industrial grade distributed power plant project. Here to build photovoltaic power plants, equipment requirements are very high, it can not affect the normal operation of the train, but also can not interfere with the train and control center signal.

As of May 2016, all inverter equipment has been safe and stable operation for 900 days, the cumulative generating capacity of more than 1 million 600 thousand degrees, with an average of about 70 degrees per day of inverter power generation. Quite to save the 64 tons of standard coal and reduce emissions of 43.5 tons of carbon dust, 158 tons of carbon dioxide, 4.8 tons of sulfur dioxide, 2.4 tons of nitrogen oxides, in a certain extent, reduce the impact of station operations on the environment, at the same time as the solar photovoltaic utilization technology in urban comprehensive application created the typical demonstration.


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